How to Configure NTP in Nutanix

NTP Best Practice:
It is best practice to be in sync with your organization’s Active Directory infrastructure Primary Domain Controller, however it is better to sync to the same time source that your Active Directory infrastructure Primary Domain Controller uses.

1. Verify which external NTP server is being use by the PDC
w32tm /query /status
2. Logon to any CVM
3. Run the following command to verify the CVM can get to the NTP server
ntpdate -q <externalNTPserver>
4. Login to PRISM click the Gear, NTP Servers
5. Type the NTP FQDN or IP address and click Add (NOTE: Genesis only checks for changes every 10mins so you may have to wait as long as 10mins for this change to take affect)
6. Verify the change took by running the following and you should see the added NTP server in the output
ncli cluster get-ntp-servers
7. If the new/changed NTP server is not listed in the output of the above command then check genesis.out for problems
grep -i ntp data/logs/genesis.out
8. Check the CVMs for time skew (NOTE: If greater than 5sec difference see Nutanix KB1429 or the time leader is pointed to .LOCL. goto step 7)
for i in `svmips`; do echo $i; ssh $i /usr/sbin/ntpq -pn; done
9. Verify NTP health by running this command
ncc health_checks hypervisor_checks check_ntp_synchronization
10. If the health returns pass then run this last command to clear up the yellow warings in Prism
allssh "genesis stop cluster_health" ; cluster start


NCC Health check for NTP ncc health_checks hypervisor_checks check_ntp_synchronization
ON CVM can you get to the NTP server? ntpdate -q
Check cluster NTP Servers Ncli cluster get-ntp-servers
Check Genesis.out for problems with NTP grep -i ntp data/logs/genesis.out
Check for time skew allssh ntpq -pn

for i in `svmips`; do echo $i; ssh $i /usr/sbin/ntpq -pn; done

Add the missing servers ncli cluster add-to-ntp-servers servers=<name or IP address of server>

FAIL: Synchronized to [‘′] which does not match any of the external NTP servers configured [u’′, u’′, u’′, u’’] or the NTP leader

NCC Health Check: check_ntp_synchronization
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Correcting Time Sync on a Nutanix CVM Cluster
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