How to Configure a Nutanix Hyper-V Setup for Cluster to Cluster Live Migration with SCVMM

I have been asked this many times and I have not seen any blog articles on it so I decided to write one.


To be able to Live Migrate VMs from one Nutanix Hyper-V cluster to anther

High level configuration

  1. Configuring Share-Nothing Live Migration (
  2. In PRISM add the Hyper-V hosts to the White-list
  3. Remove the 192 network from Hyper-V Settings Incoming live migrations
  4. Use System Center Virtual Machen Manager (SCVMM) to Live Migrate then Storage migrate the VMs

Step By Step (Screen shots coming….)

  1. Follow the steps in this link to complete a Configuring Share-Nothing Live Migration (
  2. Logon to PRISM for Nutanix Hyper-v cluster A
  3. Click the Gear dropdown and select Whitelist
  4. Add the Hyper-V hosts from Cluster B
  5. Logon to PRISM for Nutanix Hyper-v cluster B
  6. Click the Gear drop-down and select White-list
  7. Add the Hyper-V hosts from Cluster A
  8. Logon to each Hyper-V host on Cluster A and do the following
    1. Open the Hyper-V Manager
    2. Right click the Host name
    3. Select Hyper-V Settings
    4. Remove the entry from the Incoming live migrations
    5. Click OK
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